They shall beat their swords into ploughshares,
and their spears into pruning-hooks;
nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war any more.
Isaiah 2.4

Peacemaking lies at the heart of the biblical story, and remains a central Christian vocation, yet conflict remains inevitable. Our work is to examine the challenges to peace and wellbeing today and to offer alternative approaches to violence.


Key Resources:

NBT briefing

Nuclear Ban Treaty briefing: 

Throughout 2017 the United Nations is holding negotiations to create a legal framework for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons. Out churches have long held the position that nuclear weapons are ‘a critical moral issue of our time’ and therefore we welcome this treaty and have produced a briefing for you about the negotiations, why the treaty is needed, and what you can do to take action towards banning nuclear weapons – forever. Download here.



In 2006 the Methodist and United Reformed Churches produced a report titled ‘Peacemaking: A Christian vocation’. This explores a Christian perspective on peace and conflict in the context of new challenges facing us today.

summary of Peacemaking: A Christian Vocation’ can be downloaded here

You can order a copy of ‘Peacemaking: A Christian Vocation’ free by emailing Liz Millard. (We ask that you cover the cost of postage)


These cost-efficient combat machines are changing the nature of warfare and the dynamics of international relations. Look into the complex ethical and diplomatic issues.


The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church have been outspoken in their opposition to a replacement of the Trident nuclear submarines.

Towards a nuclear weapons free world

A global movement seeks to introduce a ban on the possession and use of nuclear weapons.  Secretary of State, William Hague, tells Church leaders that the government remains committed to working towards a world without nuclear weapons but then acts against one of the most promising initiatives.

Peacemaking: a Christian Vocation

Jesus called us to be peacemakers, both in terms of preventing bloodshed as well as building constructive links with God, ourselves and other people.

Peacemaking Sunday

Each September Peacemaking Sunday marks the United Nations International Day of Peace. Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches produce worship resources to guide prayer, worship and  reflection